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About Us:

G-A-S provides a much loved and valued service for the Northumberland community but we need your help!

In 2004, the Glendale Agricultural Society established the Children's Countryside Day (CCD), which is an interactive one-day educational programme encompassing all of the Charity’s objectives that caters for 1,650 school children each year.

As a charity our overall objectives are:

  • To advance education and skills in particular in agriculture, the environment and all related or ancillary subjects.

The event, which is organised by the Society, is now recognised as one of the foremost rural educational events in the UK and an exemplar in its field.   It aims to specifically give children of all abilities aged between 5 and 11 years, from Northumberland and North Tyneside first-hand experience of rural life.  In 2017, the Society was awarded the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service (QAVS), the highest award given, for its work.

Each year, the Children’s Countryside Day ensures to:

  • Educate children where their food comes from and who produces it for them.
  • Educate children on countryside crafts and skills.
  • Educate children on the importance of farming in their day to day lives.

The CCD celebrates our local heritage and culture; engages the local community and showcases the rural diversification of the Glendale area. It addresses the growing urban-rural divide which exists even in smaller towns and villages.  The CCD is based upon knowledge sharing and learning for all the children, teachers, volunteers and exhibitors who attend each year and also for the committee themselves.  Children and adults need to understand where their food comes from, and who produces it for them; they need to gain a wider understanding into the role of the countryside and the environment and its importance in everyday life.  Farming is the lifeblood of the Glendale community and of the greater part of Northumberland.  It is delivered by the people of Glendale, for the benefit of the wider Northumberland community.

With 1,650 school children participating in CCD each year, over 22,000 children have participated in the event to date. It is meticulously organised by a team of outstanding, dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. Feedback from pupils and schools after the annual event is extremely positive. Children provide drawings, photos and handwritten comments following their visits. After 15 years, the reputation of this voluntary effort on behalf of

Each year, Northumberland’s First/Primary Schools always ask to be counted back in for the following year and it is that popular, there is even a waiting list.

Some of these children had never visited the countryside before and some had not even stepped onto a grass field before coming to CCD.

Over 65 exhibitors kindly give their time for free to educate the children on their countryside-based skills and crafts.  Each exhibitor utilises their own resources, which is a vital element to the success of the event.  The Children's Countryside Day is all about offering children new experiences based around food, farming and the countryside. Along with the children, there are also over 250 teaching staff and parent helpers who attend the event enabling them to also gain a wider understanding into the role of the countryside and its importance in everyday life.

Support comes from many different quarters, not least the volunteer and exhibitors who so passionately present their businesses and interests to the children to give them a good sense of our countryside, farming, food and environment.  Never have these topics been of more importance than to the generation growing up now.  However, the total hard cost of the CCD is £25,000 annually, but that cost ignores all the volunteer and in-kind contributions made.  The ground is kindly loaned by Lilburn Estates and volunteer hours for this event amount to 3,022 so, assuming a value of £12.50/hour for this time (including any costs that they have to absorb e.g. diesel, phones etc) then the total volunteer cost would amount to £37,775 making the total cost of the CCD £63,775 equating to £38.65 per pupil.  

We would like to expand by offering an outreach programme in schools to enable us to continue this valuable educational experience to more children.

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Best wishes


Company Secretary

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